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God has given our Continent an Amazing life Changing Services that empower all Africans!

1. Whole Sale Water Distributor

We are a whole sale water distribution company and also we provide clean and safe drinking water for our rural communities in Africa. And anyone who also want to be financially free; here is an opportunity for you, with Wealth and water 4 Africa and technology your dream has come to reality. We realize what stop people from achieving their dreams and goals is the inability to raise capital to start their own business, Thanks to Wealth and water 4 Africa.

2. We Offer Financial Empowerment Services to Africans So As to Eliminate Poverty To The Barest Minimal in The Continent. Financial freedom The Way You Dream It!

Do you have any financial challenge? Or your business has been suffering because of lack of money, maybe your dream is to set up a new business or you simply want to expand your existing business, we are here for you, we empower your business, Wealth and water 4 Africa will help you to achieve your dreams. Whether you are a guru or professional in the business world, we still believe you need more money to fulfill your financial goal. Wealth and water 4 Africa is a dream come true for Africans.

3. Social Responsibilities

Social responsibility is an ethical theory in which we are accountable for fulfilling our civic duty; the actions of an individual or organization must benefit the whole of our society. In this way, there must be a balance between economic growth, the welfare of our society and the environment. We provide fresh and clean water to rural communities in the whole of Africa, and providing a better health care services so that Africa can compete with the rest of the world. When Africa is healthy, Africa will be wealthy!

4. Free Medical Services

Free medical services to all our members, as a member of Wealth and water 4 Africa, you will receive free medical treatment from our accredited hospitals across your designated country of residence. At the complete cycle of stage 5 {Vice President} you are qualified to receive the free medical services.

5. Life Assurance

Life assurance covers incase of death $10,000 will be paid to your next of kin, for all stage 7 qualifiers {President}

6. Free Boxes Of Bottle Water For Every Home, and A clean free fresh water solar bore hole installation in rural communities in Africa courtesy of "WAW4A clean water for Africa communities initiative" {WAW4A-CWFACI}

As a member of Wealth and water 4 Africa, you have access to free boxes of bottle water every time in your home, this is our most priority, and a free clean fresh water solar bore hole installation in your community courtesy of Wealth and Water 4 Africa clean water for Africa communities initiative. {WAW4A-CWFACI}

7. Wealth and Water 4 Africa Dig Well Initiative.

"Dig Wells initiative" is to provide clean and safe water in rural communities and villages in sub-Sahara Africa.

8. Free Boxes Of Bottle Water Every Month In Your Homes

At the complete cycle of level six, you will be receiving 300 boxes of bottle water every month for 12 months which will be delivered to your house free.

9. Free Mansion House

Free $3,000,000 mansion for all members of Wealth and water 4 Africa in a choice cities of your country at the complete cycle of stage 7 and 8 respectively. Check pay plan for more info

10. Wealth and Water 4 Africa Will Create Awareness For All Members in their Country.

We are embarking heavily on advertising Wealth and water 4 Africa, this will make it easier for anyone to excel in this business and become financially free. We must not rely on the government alone. Government cannot do it alone, we must be creative and stop the complaining, God has given us this platform to flourish and be a blessing to our generation!

11. All members also stand the chance of getting brand new Cars, a $3,000,000 mansion, International trip to travel around the world for you and your spouse, Plasma TV, Laptop, Ipad, Fridge, A/C and Face cap/T-shirt etc.

12. Access to free WORLD WATER DAY celebration meeting in Kenya (Every on 22n March) for all level 5 qualifiers to discuss the way forward on "Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene" (WASH) in line with the target "Sustainable Development Goal". Whoever you are, wherever you are, Water is your human right. Water for All.

The focus is to create network of people in Africa who will integrate strength and build family wealth capable of sustaining much abundance of clean and fresh drinking water, children's education, health, feeding and shelter.

We are committed in using innovations as a tool to developing products and services that will offer best in class solutions and relief to Africans; we are here to Change lives and make life easier for Africans!

The quality of our result is built on the strength of our digital-first customer-centric strategy in delivering our product and services to our members.

Wealth and water 4 Africa is a pure African organization conceived to make you a partaker of the much abundant Wealth in Africa. JOIN TODAY and create wealth for your family with ease.